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Intercon Location Changes

Intercon P will not be at the Chelmsford Radisson

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Intercon will no longer be held at the Chelmsford Radisson. We are currently talking with a number of other locations in the area regarding hosting for P and possibly beyond. We will keep you all updated with information as soon as we have any to give you.

To answer the big questions:

We thank you for any offers of advice and assistance regarding finding a new location. We have a committee currently working on the search and we're happy to hear what you think.
We are working hard to make sure Intercon P will remain a similar distance from Boston with similar public transportation and parking availability.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email
Thank you all for understanding and again, we will make sure to send out updates when we have them.

-Intercon P Information,
Joshua Sheena
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