Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote in interconlarp,
Joshua Kronengold

Intercon H

Great convention!

Everything was fun. Running our game? Even more fun!

I was:

Friday, Prince Pyotr, charming (and rogueish) hero in Mystery at the Fairy Tale Reservation. (much fun, despite the occasional frustration)

Saturday Morning, A GM (and occasionally a Lapinemoth-like demon) for Ghost Fu -- in which the GMs had amazing amounts of fun, and I'm pretty sure at least some of the players had fun too.

Saturday Afternoon, at Intercon Hertz:
Fist in Paranormal Zero (fun, even if things didn't exactly end well. Well, not exactly)
Stephen the lawyer in Last Meal (Run 1) (fun. lots of stuff was revealed, even if I didn't "win")
Rufus the mechanic in Dead Man's Curve (I'm still not sure whether I won or not. A few design issues, but fun anyway)
Thomas Edison in AC/DC (very, very consensus based, very minimal. And yet...a total blast! go fig)

Saturday Evening, Barry Magdeline in The Last Seder (wow. Just wow)

Sunday: Fabio Beauvais in Only Mighty Guests (fun, if only really 1.5 hours of fun in a 3 hour slot. OTOH, the game was fun despite deliberate underwriting, and the GMs weren't responsible for my knees hurting after the first two hours or so).

Next year in Chelmsford! *drinks*
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