Alan De Smet (alan_de_smet) wrote in interconlarp,
Alan De Smet

Alan De Smet at Intercon O

At Intercon O I was:

- Sam Pike in the "Kouros Intercept"
- The Divine Majesty Honda Rokurou in "Prophecy of the Starry Skies"
- Visant in "House of Becoming"
- I helped the GMs a bit with tech debugging for "Interplanetary Federation"
- Got a bit of "Spaceteam" on Sunday

It was an exceptional Intercon for me; all three games are great. I had a great time in all three and recommend them all. Thank you writers and GMs! Also thanks to the many, many great players in all three games

Shameless plug: I'm involved in running Peaky Midwest, a three day LARP writing workshop in Chicago May 15th through 17th. Previous Peaky Midwests created Better Living Through Robotics, Critical Path, A Turn on the Radiance Rose, and Larpers Anonymous. If writing and playtesting a LARP in a weekend appeals, see:
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