Mr. Teem (mr_teem) wrote in interconlarp,
Mr. Teem

Intercon O Before-the-convention Survey! (Get a Free Raffle Ticket!

Wow! In about two weeks, it is time for Intercon O! Of course, everyone is anticipating all of the great LARPing but there's more at Intercon O, including our fabulous raffle during closing ceremonies!

And every attendee at Intercon O has an opportunity to get a free raffle ticket by filling out our Before-the-convention Survey! It's a simple survey (and we'd love to have your feedback, too). We'll automatically enter your free ticket in the raffle.

Of course, at Intercon O, you'll have a chance to buy more raffle tickets. Stop by the Operations Desk for more details at the convention. But, don't forget to click here to get to the survey and secure your free ticket!

Look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

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