Mr. Teem (mr_teem) wrote in interconlarp,
Mr. Teem

Intercon O 3rd LARP signup tonight at 7pm - More LARPs, too!

Hey, we've added even more LARPs to the Intercon O schedule, including these great LARPs.

► "Midsummer Mischief", run by Lise Fracalossi
► "Shadows over Mars", by Gail Freedman and Doug Freedman
► "1870: Container", by Catherine Havasi
► "Afterlife", by Samuel Dukhovni
► "Ascent to Hisseldale" by Kendra Beckler
► "Miss Maypole and the Christmas Pudding Affair", by Sue L.
► "An Evening at McAnallys Pub", by Bill Chapman
► "Murder at Elm Hall", by Thomas Wohlers
► "A Single Silver Coin", by Peter Litwack and Laura Boylan

We've also added more runs of "Interplanetary Federation - The Cadet Years", by John Hawley and Eva Schiffer.

There's some more important information, including news about an attendee cap, in our latest newsletter.
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